Friday, May 20, 2011

Post 3

A week can fly by so quickly. I didn't realize I was due to write another post! First off, I must say that if you happen to comment on my blog but it doesn't show up on my blog account/site, I don't know what to do. I sometime receive emails saying "so and so has commented on your latest post" but I have yet to figure out how to transfer those comments onto the actual blog. All that to say: don't think I'm deleting your comments! ;)

I was reading Judges 11 last night and I realized how amazing of a woman Jephthah's daughter was. If you don't know the story, go ahead and read it, it won't take you but a few mintutes.........Jephthah's daughter asked for permission to go into the mountains with her friends for a couple of months before coming back home and having her dad kill her. I must say that I would have asked for permission to leave and then travel as far away as possible, to never return. Of course there is a great possibility that the Angel of the Lord would have stopped me but I would have tried to escape. I wonder all that went through Jephthah's daughter's mind and if she asked the Lord to spare her life or if she just accepted what was coming to her with no real hesitation. It appears that the only major regret that she had was that she was going to die without being married (even back then, women had a great desire to be married). If you have any thoughts, feel free to post them. Until next time!

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