Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring is here and I'm sneezing like there's no tomorrow!

Spring in New England is quite beautiful but I'm thinking the poor plants don't know what to do with themselves. One minute it's 40 degrees and the next it's 90 degrees (like today). Which I think makes the plants populate its pollen even more so. It makes breathing somewhat difficult especially since I do not have air conditioner.

Well some of you probably know this while others have no clue, but my parents have moved across America to the Seattle area. God answered prayers in terms of moving them from where they were from but I'm thinking I should make it a point to be a little more specific in what I pray for next time. ;)Regardless I'm very happy for them and thankful for the Lord's provision. I am VERY excited about Christmas. The farthest west I have been is IL so I'll be able to add a new state onto my travels. In others news, I recently submitted my application to grad school. Hopefully by the time 2014 roles around, I'll have a Masters of Science in Management.

And......it looks like I may be involved with a church plant. I was going to a church in Cambridge but things didn't work out because of some issues with my Bible Study. The chaplain of the school that I work at just informed me that there's going to be a sister church planted in the city that I live in so he put me in contact with the pastor of this new church. I am now meeting with this new pastor and another one on Friday for lunch and I'm pretty pumped about it. Hopefully I'll be able to find out more about their vision and heart beat for the city. As of now, a few of them meet once a week to pray and they are officially starting church meetings in June. So if you think of it, please pray for this as it may be an answer to prayer. Until next time!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

What If?

What if Jesus had never died?

What if God had answered his prayer and had allowed the cup to pass him by?

What if Judas had never betrayed him?

What if Pilate had released Barabas instead of Jesus?

What if angels had come to rescue him?

What if he had not become sin for you; sin for me?

What if his legs had been broken?

What if water and blood had not poured out?

What if the veil of separation had not been ripped in two?

What if God had not forsaken him during his time of despair?

What if man had taken his life instead of him giving it willingly?

If Jesus had not died than I would be lost. If God had answered his son’s prayer then there would have been no cross. If Judas had not betrayed him and Barabas had taken his place then his mission would have not been fulfilled; saving you, saving me. If angels had come to rescue him man would still be lost with no hope, purpose, or life. If he had not become sin for you and me his death would have been in vain. If his legs had been broken, man would have been in control. If water and blood had not been poured out there would have been no proof that he gave up his spirit out of his own will and decision. If the veil had not been ripped in two there would still be a wall of separation between us and God. If God had not forsaken him during this time, then Jesus would not have really become sin since God cannot look upon it. If man had taken his life, prophecy would not have been fulfilled and Jesus would be showing that he had been forced to die for you; forced to die for me. But no! He knew what he was doing and he gave his life for you; gave his life for me, willingly. And he did this why? Because he desires you; he desires me. He is pursuing you and pursuing me to the end of our brokenness. He won’t give up. If man couldn’t kill him, death couldn't stop him and the grave couldn’t and wouldn't hold him then nothing will. Embrace him. He is wanting to embrace you.