Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Post 11

Guess what?
I am writing this blog while sitting at my very own table!!!!!!!!! I ordered a Barista Table from Target and it took me about 1 week to put it and the chairs together. But I absolutely love it! I'm just hoping that the screws don't fall out since I'm not the strongest woman in the world.

Now it is time to tell you one of my stories. There's a pastor that I heard on the radio a few Sunday's ago and I decided that I wanted to check out his church. I don't have a car so I figured out how to take public transportation to get to the church (well, so I thought). So I hopped onto the "T" and then took the bus to this church. Well google maps told me that I would only need to walk .4 miles to the church from where the bus stop was. BUT....the only way of getting to the church from where I was located was to walk on the interstate. While I do consider myself somewhat adventurous, I just thought that that would be an awful way to die so I ignored those instructions and attempted to walk around the interstate. And I kept walking....and walking....and walking. An hour later I find that I am VERY close to the church, but guess what? I had to walk up a ramp and there was no way around it (who decides to build a church off of the interstate???). So I asked the Lord to surround me with his angels, I opened up my umbrella and stretched it out to my left (so people would see the umbrella before seeing me) and walked up the ramp. So I finally get to the church (I was 1 hour and 15 minutes late) all hot, sweaty, and tired and I walk in. And guess what kind of welcome I get? Some woman, trying to show off to some man that she just met (at least that's what I concluded) told me that my dress was too short and I needed to pull it down. Since when did a knee length dress become too short (the woman didn't even say "hello" Suppose I wasn't a Christian and that's the welcome I received)? But I tugged on it, turned around and dragged my feet up the stairs to the sanctuary. And.....come to find out that the pastor that was preaching was a guest preacher and guess what? The service was practically over. So after the service was over, I found a random lady and asked her if she knew if there was a bus stop near by. And she told me where one was and when I was almost out the door she came up to me and told me that she could just take me to the train station (the "T"). Now normally, I don't accept rides from strangers but she was older and alone, and I figured she must not be too awful if she just sat under the preaching of the word of God; not to mention that my feet, back, and hips were hurting (I wasn't prepared to walk all over the place) so I accepted. So she drives me to the station and I made it safely back home and I passed out on my bed and fell asleep. And there you have it! I must say that I am VERY thankful for the lady that helped me out. My state isn't midwestern or southern so being nice to strangers isn't exactly normal, so praise God she trusted me and I trusted her. Thankfully, I have a friend who told me that she would go with me to church this next Sunday and maybe we can figure out the predicament of the interstate being in the way of safe walking. ;) That's all for now!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Post 10

You know you're an adult wake up (On Your Own) at 7am, on a weekday, and mop the floors and clean your bathroom-before work). I must say that I surprised even myself and have no idea why I did such a thing. ;)

I'm all settled in my new "on my own" is interesting, but I enjoy it. I don't come home to a husband, a child, a sibling, a parent, a dog, a cat, a bird, a turtle, a fish, or a grasshopper (my brother's and I used to capture them as pets way back in the day). Even though I enjoy "living on my own" I do not have the desire for it to remain this way for forever as it does for many. Thankfully I have the Lord and since I have him, what can man do to me? I am slowly beginning to understand why it would be hard for someone who has lived on their own for awhile, to suddenly adjust their way of life (habits and schedules) for another. I sometimes come home feeling as though I don't want to talk to anyone yet other times I have all the energy in the world!

Last week I was able to fly out to OH and be in a dear friend's wedding. It's so nice when you have those friends that are more than friends and defines what it means to be apart of a family. Another good friend that was in the wedding as well, is moving over seas for a few years to teach at a school. How can three individuals be so close, to suddenly be scattered across the globe, doing things that have no relation to one another yet have an invisible bond that will never be broken?

All that to say, life is changing; for me, for them, maybe even for you. Ready or not, the present is here and I must embrace it and ask God for wisdom when it comes to figuring out how to drive through it. Until next time......

Monday, July 4, 2011

Post 8 (this one is a little longer than the others....)

Around this time last year I was in VA at Aletheia Springs counseling Intermediate Girls Week, eating watermelon, playing with fire crackers, and singing patriotic hymns. Hopefully the same thing will be able to take place next year.

Have you ever wondered how the desires of your heart are "prioritized" (for lack of a better word)? I also sometimes wonder which desires are good and of God vs. just good. For an example, there are some people who want to travel the world, telling people about the good news of Jesus. And while there is nothing wrong with that desire and is a "godly" desire, God might have other plans and would rather that person just stay put where they are and love on the people that are put in their path.

Here are some of my desires: work with troubled youth, get a MA in counseling, continue being a bridge that brings different cultures together, especially when it comes to the church, get married, adopt children, yearly be of some kind of service to Aletheia Springs, move to Montana in my old age, and travel the world. YET! If you had asked me what my desires were 5 years ago everything would have been nursing related and the only things that would have stayed the same would have been Aletheia Springs, Montana, marriage, and adoption. If you had told me three years ago that I was going to graduate with a B.A. in Organizational Communication (and this doesn't mean I'm organized. Think of it as Business + Communication Arts = the boring side of Communication) I probably would have laughed. And if you would have told me 6 months ago that I was going to be moving to MA and working as a Resident and Program Director, I wouldn't have laughed but at least one of my eyebrows would have been raised.

And for all I know I may not go back to school and get a Master's (and I would honestly be 100% fine with that). And if I do get married, maybe I won't even get married until I'm 40 (granted I personally wouldn't want it to be THAT long but who am I to choose when things take place). I guess the conclusion of it all is that everything that takes place now is preparing you for something in the future. And as one wise person once said, everyday is important and in the Christian life, no day should be taken off. And as I always say, make sure you learn to get along with your enemies on earth because God might surprise you and make them your neighbor in heaven. Wouldn't THAT be funny. Until next time!