Friday, March 22, 2013


Fingers stroking keys
Musical lyrics filling the air
Soft candle light flickering gently
Dusk turning to night
Firefly's brightening the air
Stars filling the sky

Honeysuckle in my nostrils
Summer breeze filling the room
Voices in the distance
Prayers in my heart

Thoughts in my mind
Hope in my soul
Yet concern in my eyes

Suffering surrounding
Pain so evident
Apathy increasing
God's heart breaking

Fingers no longer stroking keys
Musical lyrics overcome with silence
Smoke replacing the candlelight
With the night resisting dawn
Firefly's in hiding
Clouds  covering the sky

Death in my nostrils
Ice enveloping the outdoors
Voices shouting
Prayers ended
God's people blended

Revival needed
Exercise of words and actions encouraged
One wanted
To be unblended
To be filled
With the Spirit of God
To create a change
To walk narrowly
Yet Humbly
To walk boldly
Yet with grace
To walk in the Power
Yet in love

One wanted to melt the ice
One wanted to live through Christ who gives life
One wanted to bring back life
One wanted to bring back light

One wanted...