Sunday, October 23, 2011

Post 17

It has been a little while since I last gave an update on life. I was able to celebrate a birthday the end of last month so I'm very thankful to be on earth for another year; as I get older I realize even more so how being in my 20's means nothing-death is not defined by age.

This past week has been interesting. I participated in a "walkathon" to help support those struggling with homelessness. But....the "walkathon" was more of a tour of organizations in Boston that minister to those that are homeless. I must say that I had to stop myself at many times during the "walkathon" from laughing. I'm pretty sure my group looked like a pre-school class following around our guide (we all were wearing the same colored shirts (except for me-I was late) and the leader had a big yellow sign with our groups number on it). Oh made a good story. BUT...the church that I have been attending supports social justice so we were able to split up into groups today and go into the community and minister in various ways. My group did a prayer walk around Cambridge which was a blessing to participate in. If this is the church that I'm to be at, I'm excited about the ways I can become involved in it in the future.

God has been giving me the opportunity to invest in the lives of students, which I LOVE! I had a dorm-wide event last week, with the emphasis being on women dealing with fantasizing, porn, and struggling to sustain a healthy mind in a sexually saturized world. About ten people showed up and the lady that came and spoke to the ladies of my dorm did a good introduction session so I'm hoping we can do follow-up ones in the future. One student recently told me that she wants to do a movie night in my apartment with a bunch of ladies, so I'm looking forward to that. I've also been able to cook with a couple of students and show them my very limited knowledge of what can take place in the kitchen (one student thinks that apple sauce is the best thing in the whole world; so I was able to show him how to cook it).

Work does have its challenges. Maintaining harmony amongst office mates can be difficult at times-but we're human so having tention is bound to happen.

A highlight of this month is that I'm going to VA this week!!!!!!! And I'm VERY excited! I need some country air and the fellowship of old friends. :) Well I'm off!