Friday, November 25, 2011


For many, one of the hardest things to do in life is say "goodbye" to those whom you love especially when you don't know when or if you'll ever see them again. You often feel that those individuals whom you've said "goodbye" to are gone to never again return. Many "goodbyes" leave a void in your heart and in your life that cannot be filled by anyone but the individual that you have parted ways with. But those idividuals who are gone from your life through death or other circumstances are gone physically but are they gone forever? No my friend. Each individual leaves some kind of an impact on your life so much so that the things that you do today, the way that you think, today, the way you talk, today, has been formed by those that have had a part in your past. Remember that good friend you had back in the day or that family member you paid your respects to? Even though you may no longer be in communion with them, a part of them, it could be great or small, is still living through you and other lives that they have impacted.

How are you living through the lives of those around you? Are you the kind of person that sparks a bad memory because of the way you act circumstances out? Do individuals look at you and say "my life is different because this person spoke truth into life is different because this person wasn't nosy and didn't ask a million questions, but they were life is different because this person let me into their personal space when I had no where else to go and no one else to turn life is different because this person didn't just say they would pray for me but they actually life is different because when everyone else had doubts, this person saw my potential and stood up for life is different because this person stuck by me during my highs and my life is different because this person allowed themselves to be the hands and feet of God. I challenge you and I challenge myself to not ignore all that those around you have to offer because in order to pour into individuals, you too have to be poured into. What may be gone in the visual is still present in more ways than one.