Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Post 10

You know you're an adult when......you wake up (On Your Own) at 7am, on a weekday, and mop the floors and clean your bathroom-before work). I must say that I surprised even myself and have no idea why I did such a thing. ;)

I'm all settled in my new place.....living "on my own" is interesting, but I enjoy it. I don't come home to a husband, a child, a sibling, a parent, a dog, a cat, a bird, a turtle, a fish, or a grasshopper (my brother's and I used to capture them as pets way back in the day). Even though I enjoy "living on my own" I do not have the desire for it to remain this way for forever as it does for many. Thankfully I have the Lord and since I have him, what can man do to me? I am slowly beginning to understand why it would be hard for someone who has lived on their own for awhile, to suddenly adjust their way of life (habits and schedules) for another. I sometimes come home feeling as though I don't want to talk to anyone yet other times I have all the energy in the world!

Last week I was able to fly out to OH and be in a dear friend's wedding. It's so nice when you have those friends that are more than friends and defines what it means to be apart of a family. Another good friend that was in the wedding as well, is moving over seas for a few years to teach at a school. How can three individuals be so close, to suddenly be scattered across the globe, doing things that have no relation to one another yet have an invisible bond that will never be broken?

All that to say, life is changing; for me, for them, maybe even for you. Ready or not, the present is here and I must embrace it and ask God for wisdom when it comes to figuring out how to drive through it. Until next time......


  1. I'm glad you're all settled in! And I must say...I'm very impressed about the waking up early to mop and clean part... :-D

    I think part of me would enjoy living on my own (for a while), and a part of me would go crazy... (I've been kind of freaked out being alone in my OWN house at night sometimes, even though it's completely irrational). But you're probably in an apartment in a dorm, right? Or do you have separate facilities?

    I'm glad you were able to go to your friend's wedding! Yes, it's amazing to have to have that invisible bond of friendship that allows you to stay connected to people even when your paths are so far apart, and allows you to pick right back up where you left off even when you haven't seen each other in such a long time. :-)

  2. I'm so sad I won't see you at Aletheia this year...though I will get to see your Dad next week. I"m so glad you are keeping a blog though.