Friday, June 1, 2012


May has been a BUSY month but by God's grace I've made it through!!!!!! Below are some pictures for you to enjoy from highlights of the past month in a half or so. This summer is going to be a good, but busy one. I'll be visiting some friends in D.C., helping at a Bible "camp" in VA for a week, going to see my brothers in IN, and making a couple of trips to NY (I'll tell you why the next time I post) as well as preparing for the next school year.

Mom came to visit me for a few days

One of my "sisters" came to visit me as well

At the Junior/Senior Banquet with a student friend

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  1. Hey Julie, it's fun to see pictures. I am hoping to see you when you are down here for Sr. High...when will you be getting in and leaving? I may just have to drive down one day...we shall see.