Monday, March 12, 2012

Post 22

Where shall I begin?
I have been a slacker in terms of keeping this blog updated. God has been doing some new things in my life and I'm excited to share those things with you in the future. In the mean time I shall try and give a brief re-cap of the past few months:

-New Year's was spent watching a Charlie Brown's Christmas (there's a first for everything)
-A good friend of mine came to visit me a few days after New Year's
-Someone that I graduated with has moved within an hour of me so that's exciting
-I'm looking for a new church (again)
-I was able to visit John and Abigail Adams grave
-I toured the JFK Library
-I joined a Women's Prayer Group associated with a Nazarene Church in the area
-My parents had a surprise visit from me in February (I'm SO thankful they were home)
-I joined the Big Sister Association so I now have a "little sister" that I meet with once a week
-I'm taking some ladies from my dorm to a clayroom and we're painting pottery in a few weeks.
-AND I'm bringing in an instructer to give us a crash course in Self-Defense
-My RA's for the next academic year have been chosen so I'm getting really excited about that yet trying to make sure that I finish out this year strong
-I'm looking at starting Grad School in the fall
-A good friend from D.C. is coming to visit me next month (and I'm SO excited)

Well hopefully I won't wait three more months until I write anything. Until next time! :)


  1. I hope you don't wait so long either...I love keeping up with you! I miss you...I'm sorry you are on the look our for another church...

  2. How's it going with the big-sister/little sister? What's a "Nazarene Church"? How you found a new church yet?

  3. I miss you too Stephanie!

    The big sister/little sister program is going well! My little sister talks to me more every week and she now seems to be sad when our lunch period is over (they only give us 30 minutes so it's not long at all). A Nazarene church is a particular denomination which I am continuing to learn about. The school that I work for is Nazarene (like the school I graduated from was Baptist). The main thing that sets them apart from other denominations is that they significantly emphasize sanctification/holiness in an individual's life. They come out of the Wesleyan (sp?) tradition of faith. As with any other denominations not all Nazarenes believe the exact same thing; therefore some may believe that works save you where others believe that its grace through faith, etc......