Sunday, September 18, 2011

Post 16

Here lately I've been feeling like one of those mothers you read about in children's stories, being able to find a biblical application in small everyday events. I even find myself quoting scriptures at students or applying verses to my own life as I experience things that I've never run into before. I'm going to try and enable you to get into my head in what I've been thinking about lately.

With great anticipation I watch my oldest brother on live TV as he's about to enter the octagon for a big fight. He puts on his gear, hugs my dad (yes, I saw my dad on LIVE TV for the 1st time EVER), and gets encouragement from coaches and the like around him. He enters the octagon, fans are cheering like there's no tomorrow. I too start to cheer, even though he can't hear me. My heart rate begins to quicken and I begin to pray "dear Lord, keep my brother safe, enable him from power from within, help him to win, at the very least, do well during this fight." Round one starts and both my brother and his opponent go after it. I pray that God gives my brother an in to take this guy down. Round two; his opponent is pounding my brothers face. I begin to yell at the guy, telling him to punch somewhere else. None the less, my brother remains on his feet, blocking as many punches as he is able. His face begins to swell before the fans eyes, his opponent keep striking. My brother remains on his feet. Round three; same thing takes place only the punches and the kicks intensify. His eyes begin to swell shut yet my brother still remains on his feet; his opponent taken back as to why he has yet to fall down. He eventually puts him in a head lock, my brother bent over, yet still remaining on his feet. Round three ends, my brother's opponent wins yet the hosts of the show are shocked by the endurance that my brother portrayed. They spoke of him as having a "chin of steel and the heart of a lion." His opponent even praised him, saying he doesn't know how my brother stayed on his two feet. 

I'm used to seeing my brother win fights and so are his fans but while watching all of this, the Lord reminded me of something. No matter how hard the enemy attacks, no matter what he throws at me; stand. No matter how simple it would seem to sit down, to give in; stand. No matter how painful the blows are, even when I loose sight as to what is before me; stand and God will see me through.

I love you my brother! I'm pretty sure I would have fallen after the first blow, but you endured with the heart, the will, and the mind of a champion. You are the definition of a fighter. 

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  1. I would have such a hard time being able to watch my brother take that...I'm planning on calling you today!